Documentary Filmmaking

Similar to Directing, this is a hands-on course that involves working with equipment necessary to making a film. Students watch already existing documentary films and study the different styles of documentary filmmaking. Students shoot short documentary films together.


Students learn different styles of film direction and learn the details of what directing entails – from adapting a screenplay and creating a storyboard to working with a camera operator, a lighting designer, an art director and actors. In class, each of these instruments will be introduced and exercised. Students direct short films of their own. Classmates team up on each film to experience other roles in film production.


This course uses the three-act structure to help students develop their stories. Also, plot points are identified to shape stories into comprehensive screenplays. Together in class, an already existing film is broken down into its three acts and plot points. Writing exercises are introduced and practiced and students write a short screenplay of their own.